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AutoCAD reference - Working with a rotated background

Let’s assume, you have received a rectangle as an XREFed background plan that is rotated at some unknown angle (see fig. 1) and you need to work on the overlay plan, for instance input text notes, draw ductwork, etc... The problem is: it’s hard to do all that at an angle and align them to the background plan. Therefore, you need the plan to show at a 0⁰ angle without changing the coordinate (x,y,z) of the original background. Keep in mind that the background should not be rotated as other trades are using it as is.

autocad reference
Figure 1.

Follow these Steps:

1. Type UCS in the command prompt
2. Select Named.
3. 3point and select 3 corners of the rectangle (see fig. 2)

rotated background

Figure 2.

4. Type UCSMAN.
5. On the UCS list, rename the Unnamed (double click) to whatever you want. For example UCS90 and that would be your custom view.

6. Click OK to finish (see fig. 3).

rotated background
Figure 3.

7. Type PLAN.
8. Select Current or UCS to input the named view that you have just created.
The view should look like your custom view and you are ready to work (see fig. 4)

autocad reference
Figure 4.

Now look what happens when you type PLAN and select WORLD in the command line (see fig. 5)

rotated background
Figure 5.

The original background stays the same. All your texts and work follow the unknown rotation of the background.

If you need to quickly rotate the crosshairs see this post about rotating the crosshairs on our blog page.


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