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Creating eTransmit

Sending CAD files sometimes might turn out to be a hassle, especially if you have a lot of xrefs attached to the drawings, have special font types or your own plot file (CTB). Creating an eTransmit is your best option for this inconvenience. By creating an eTransmit AutoCAD will package all your references and custom files in one package or zip file and spare you the process of numerous file browsing and attaching. A good thing about this method is you can also save your preferred setup as a template for later.

To create an eTransmit, follow the steps below:

1. Go to File then select eTransmit or type etransmit in the command line.

2. Click the Add File button to add the files that you wish to transmit.

3. Select Transmittal Setups to modify the default one.

4. At the Transmittal Setups’ prompt, you can either create a new setting or modify the standard one by default from AutoCAD. If you choose to create a new one, the next menu will ask you to give it a new name and the setting will be based on the existing standard default from AutoCAD or any other existing settings. Use the Standard one for now.

create transmittal

transmittal setups

new transmittal setup

5. Now, either you are modifying or creating a new transmittal setting, when you are at the Modifying Transmittal Setup, modify all the settings you wish.

6. Select zip, folder or executable file. I recommend zip if you are going to send it to someone.

7. Pay attention where the eTransmit folder will be saved or browse and change that location by clicking on the little dotted box at the right of the drop down menu.

8. In the path options, you have three possibilities to choose from:
a) Use organized folder structure Source root folder, it duplicates the folder structure of the files being transmitted with the root folder as the top level.
b) You can Place all the files including references into one folder. (Best option if you want one folder, a clean packaging!).
c) Or Keep files and folders as is, if you want your files to be arranged in folders the way you currently have them saved on your computer.

modifying transmittal setup

9. On the right side, for Actions, check all the options you wish. I recommend to Purge the drawings. That helps to reduce the transmittal file size. Bind, if your xref paths are not relative.

10. Optional, you can give transmittal a description.

11. Hit OK, Close, OK and the AutoCAD will start creating the eTransmit for you.

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