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CAD table

Although working with tables in Microsoft Excel is easier and more convenient than the table features in AutoCAD, sometimes you might want to create just a quick small table in AutoCAD. The table will look as if you were to draw it by drawing lines in CAD.

When creating the table you have different options to choose from. You can start from:

Empty cell table: Normal blank CAD table.
From a data link: CAD table linked to an Excel data sheet and the table will automatically be updated when the Excel data is changed.
From object data in the drawing (Data Extraction): table made from selected object data in the current drawing.

To create a simple table, follow these simple steps below:

Steps to create a simple table:

1. Type “TABLE” in the command line or select cad table from the Draw toolbar.
2. Select Standard for table style unless you have a custom or template table already made.
3. Select “Start from empty table”.
4. Specify an insertion point or specify a window where you want the table to be located in drawing.
5. Enter the number column.
6. Specify the column width.
7. Enter the number of rows.
8. Specify the row height.
9. Set the styles for the rows. Choose in which row you want the header, title and data to be placed.

See figure below.

cad table image 1

Steps to create a simple table from a data link:

1. Type “TABLE” in the command line or select cad table from the Draw toolbar.
2. Select the “From a data link“ for insert options.
3. Click the data link manager icon to launch the manager dialogue.
4. Select “Create a new Excel Data Link”.
5. Enter a name for your linked data.
6. Browse for the Excel data file location.
7. Select the excel file you wish to link.
8. Click ”Open”.
9. Choose whether you want to link the entire sheet, a named range or a range from the sheet.
10. Check the “Preview” box to see the table you are about to link.

cad table image 2

cad table image 3

cad table image 4

11. Click “OK” on all windows to finish and close.


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