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Creating CAD block

In AutoCAD you can create blocks with any object and set of objects. It is easy to create the blocks, but one important thing to remember before creating a CAD block is how you are going to use it. Blocks are inserted into drawings at their base points. Therefore, insertion points are to be determined carefully. Each block definition has a unique block name, coordinate values for insertion points, and any associated attribute data (block attribute). When you insert a block, AutoCAD establishes a link between the block reference and the block definition you created. That is why, if you change the block definition, all references are updated automatically.

To Create Blocks Within a Drawing:

  1. From the Draw menu, choose Block cad blockMake. Or type BLOCK in the command line.

  2. At the prompt of the Block Definition dialog box, enter a block name in the Name box.

  3. Under Objects, select Convert to Block.
    Disregard the other options. As selecting delete will erase the original objects used to create the block definition in your drawing, so make sure the Delete option is not selected.

  4. Choose Select Objects.

  5. Use your mouse to select the objects to be included in the block. Then press ENTER or the Space bar to complete object selection.

  6. Under Base Point, choose Pick point or Specify on-screen and use your mouse device to specify the block insertion point. You can also enter the X,Y,Z coordinate of the point manually (but not recommend).

  7. In the Description box, enter a description for the block. This will be displayed in AutoCAD Design Center. (Optional).

  8. Under Behavior, check Allow exploding if you want to disassemble them later.

  9. Select OK to close the block definition dialogue box.

cad block definition

Now your CAD block is defined in the current drawing and can be inserted at any time.

To create Drawing Files for Use as Blocks (Wblock):

There are two methods you can use to create a Wblock:

A. Open a new file and create a block, then use SAVE or SAVE AS to complete drawing file.
B. Create a new drawing file from selected objects
  1. Open an existing drawing or create a new drawing containing the objects to be converted into block.

  2. In the Command prompt, enter WBLOCK.

  3. In the Write Block dialog box, choose Select Objects.

  4. Use your mouse to select the objects to be included in the new Wblock. Then Press ENTER or the space bar to complete object selection.

  5. Under Base Point, choose pick point or Specify on-screen and use your mouse device to specify the block insertion point or specify the XYZ coordinate to be (0,0,0).

  6. Under Destination, enter a file name or browse to the directory where you want to save the new block.

  7. Select OK to close the Write block definition dialogue box.

write block definition

Now your block is created in a separate drawing file and can be inserted at any time.

NB: You can create a single block that contains multiple blocks within itself. They are called Nested blocks. For example, block A has two block components: block 1, 2. All you have to do is select multiple blocks when you are selecting the objects.

nested block

The only restriction on nested blocks is that a block cannot coexist within itself. For example, block A cannot contain block A again.


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