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Creating Batch Plot for PDF, DWF or Plotter

When working with large projects, plotting becomes a hassle. It takes time to open individual drawings and send them to the plotter or generating PDF or DWF files. Using the batch plot capabilities of Autocad is very practical. It saves you a lot of time and is fast and easy to setup.

To create batch plot files for PDF, DWF or Plotter, follow the steps below:

batch pdf dwf plotter menu

1. Go to File then select publish buttonPublish or type Publish in the command line.
2. Select the plus sign button on the left to add new files.
3. When prompted, select all the files that need to be printed. (You can use the CTRL or hold and shift button on your keyboard).
4. Then select all the sheets/files listed in the left column under the Sheet Name and go to the right column under Page Setup. Select your preferred printer setup from the down menu. (Assuming you have already created your page setup).
5. Select the Publish Options button.


publish options

6. Click on the right of the location field and browse to where you want to save your plot files.
7. For Type, choose Multi-sheet file if you want one PDF file that combines all the drawings or Single- sheet file if you prefer one PDF file for every single drawing.
8. Specify the name for your batch PDF or DWF file on the Name field. (You can always rename it later).
9. The other fields are rarely used and self-explanatory.
10. When you are done with all the settings, click OK.
11. Select Publish to finish.
12. Your batch plot should start creating in the background and will pop up if you select “Open in viewer when done” once it is done.
13. Also, you can save the setting for later if you need to plot the same drawings (Assuming you have not changed the name of the files and locations).

NB: If you did not create a page setup you can select PDF under the "Publish to:" drop menu.

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